If none of them answers your question, do not hesitate to contact us by any of the available ways. We will be happy to help you.

Restore backup by email

To restore a backup sent by mail the first thing to do is to download the file to the final device. Once downloaded it will be stored in the Downloads folder, from the application options we can restore it using Restore backup and choosing the file from the manager.

Then a window will appear to confirm that all our data will be deleted, press OK to continue and WorkIO will restart to restore your data.

Once the data is restored we select one of our jobs or projects from the side menu to verify everything is right.

Change salary

To change your current salary is done by accessing the job or project configuration.

Opening the side menu of the application we will see a button at the bottom that says Manage jobs, pressing it we will get access to our list of stored jobs from which we can select the one we want to change.

The change of salary will be applied to all the inserted shifts after the change, the previous ones will not be affected.

Check data from a different month or year

Just tap on the text of the current month and year at the top of the screen (above the calendar) to change the selected date and view earlier or later data.


Currently WorkIO is supported exclusively by the advertising displayed during the use of it, that’s why it is free. Nobody likes advertising but currently it is the only source of funding we have, in the future we will study other options aiming to reduce the amount of advertising. In any case you can remove it for a small monthly fee and you won’t even notice it exists, enjoy the full experience!! : )


WorkIO is currently available for Android and iOS but there is a small difference between them. The current version of WorkIO for Android stores data locally on your device. We are developing a new app similar to the Iphone one that will connect to the cloud. At that time, the current version will be considered 'legacy' and you will be able to migrate your data to the new cloud app if you wish. The current version of WorkIO for iOS is the most modern and is already connected to the cloud. You can download them in the official stores using the links below. The web version is coming soon.

Data recovery


It is necessary to make a backup of the data manually from the options menu within the application to prevent loses if we change device or the current one breaks down. We do not have access to the data and therefore we cannot recover them, without backup they are lost. Make one from time to time, you just need to press a button and avoid some problems in the future. The new connected application will soon allow you to use the WorkIO ecosystem to keep your data safe and synchronized between devices without extra worries.


The Iphone version uses the WorkIO ecosystem to keep your data safe and stored so you don’t have to worry about it. You can keep your data synchronized between devices and access them from anywhere. If you change device or the current one breaks down you just have to install the application and access with your account to recover them. We hope to add new and useful extra export functionalities in the future.

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